About BEPO Nails



Tiny Town Texas

We are a family fueled online business in the best little town in Texas. Look we still have our Drive-In Movie Theater. The Brazos ...and a thriving Town Square


Tiny Nail Company


BEPO started when Jodiann came home from the Nail Salon in 2017.  She started practicing all the nails she could never find time for in a busy nail salon. Mason jars were filling up. 

What if She Sold Them? 

Here's Jodiann...

I started poking around the internet and found a hand-full of nail artists where doing just that. I started stalking them. I saw them doing their creative best and it was very exciting to see. 

Nowdays, There are MANY more nail artists creating, teaching, and promoting Press On Nails. This makes me SO happy! There's room for everyone! We all benefit from knowledgeable clients, educated nail partners who know how to apply and remove their lovelies.  


BEPO Nails is...

Jodiann is all about design and polish. Jack-Jack is our buyer, advisory, electrician you name it. Dillon and Nate freely give their opinions, design, polish, quality control, pack and ship. Some of our first sets mixed in below. 

We love it when you write, send photos, like us on IG @beponails, and all around show up in our lives. Thank You for all those seemingly tiny gifts. They are HUGE to us!