BEPO Nails is changing how we do it.

  • New Colors
  • Long Nails Are Custom Orders
  • 20 Sets Limited To Solid Colors
  • All Others 10 Sets
  • Ready Made 10 Sets in S M L    
 2022 Color Palette 
 Long Nails Are Now Custom Orders
If this is not your first rodeo, and you know what you want or have a standing order. Drop Jodiann an email
New? Jodiann will contact you ASAP. You can send any titles photos, sizes, shape choices and ideas after that. NOTE: only short / medium styles will show in drop-down menu on product pages. 
Current Shapes
 20 Sets for Single Colors Only 
it simply doesn't make good sense to buy nails you are not going to us when they have intricate designs. we are moving to 10 sets in custom sizes and standard S, M, L  10 sets  


Starting in late Autumn, Ready Made 10 Sets Will Appear. 

 We know we promised this by Sept 3, 2021 but we are still changing things around. Ready Made Sets will be S M L.  Expanding to add XS and XL at the new year.  

If a design you love disappears, remember you can always order it with Custom Work Deposit.

Email Us with any questions you have. We love to help!