What's New: January 2022


January 2022 

So much to see!

Check our

  • New Logo
  • New Shop Sections 
  • New Colors
  • New Ready To Ship Sets coming January 21

 Whoo HOO!




When it's December 31st and someone says "See you next year!"...



 What is Jodiann doing with her time off? 

Revamping Website  

--- Shop is open, shipping resumes January 4

Beefing Up Instagram with New Stuffs

Building a New logo set 


Deep Cleaning The Nail Room ... send help! 

Building Ready To Ship Designs for Friday, Jan 21 Drop

seeker peek






I have switched from DND Ultra Bond, which worked fabulously by the way to an even better product, Light Elegance "Tack".

This bond is super sticky!

It's cured in the light for extra adherence! I am so curious about how much longer your nails will wear. I may get nosey and start asking you!


Ready Made 10 Sets Will SOON Appear. 

  I have set a date, January 21 for my very first  Ready to Ship Mini-Collection.

These sets will be in Sets of 10 and have Preset Sizing. XS, SM, M , L, XL

I am also attempting to bend this website to my will *snort*  to wrangle easier custom ordering. For those who love the drop but need specific nail sizes.    

Email Us, I love questions! 


Our Fall Pastel Metals! You said, " Pastel Metallics. Please!"  We hear you!
Six Smooth Glassy Pastel Metals 
OSLO Reflective Silver
OCEA Stormy Ocean Blue
GOEL Burnished Gold
EDIA  Seafoam Green
RAIN  Lavender Clouds
NOBO Subtle Rose Gold
 Whoo-Hoo! OCTOBER WHAT'S NEW!     2022 Color Palette is here! 


Order Single Color Long Nails as usual. By Color here. 
Starting in the new year, new designs on long nails are going to become customs, meaning
  • you order your shape
  • pay a custom deposit
  • send your ideas, photos etc. 
  • get a consult. we talk about your design
 Until then all current designs as posted are available as always. More on this change as we get closer. 
If this is not your first rodeo, and you know what you want or have a standing order. Drop Jodiann an email
New? Jodiann will contact you ASAP. You can send any titles photos, sizes, shape choices and ideas after that. NOTE: only short / medium styles will show in drop-down menu on product pages.