BEPO Nails is changing how we do it. 

This crazy nail life is ALWAYS changing. Jodiann is hankering for more hand-painted originals and she wants to begin working mainly in Japanese Gels because these are superior in Color, Shine, Long-wear.
  • New Color Palette. 
  • 20 Sets in Solid Colors, Glitters, Shimmers, Glitter Top.
  • All Other Designs in 10 Sets. 
  • Ready Made 10 Sets in  XS  S  M  L  XL
  • All New Clients Ordering 10 Sets will receive a Sizing Kit.  
1. New Color Palette!
2. 20 Sets Only for Single Colors, Glitters, Shimmers and Glitter Top. 
It simply doesn't make sense to buy nails you are not going to use when they have intricate design. Just too pricey!  Y'all love our 20 piece sets so we'll keep doing those in the simpler designs, but offer 10 piece sets for the artsy fartsy stuff.  

 3. Starting in new year, Ready to Ship 10 Sets Will Drop. 

Mini-Collections of Presized, Ready Made Sets of 10 

  • Extra Small  
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

If a design you love disappears, remember you can always order it with Custom Work Deposit. Email Us Jodiann love to help!

4. All New Clients Ordering 10 Sets will receive a Sizing Kit. 

 When you order a 10 set, we send out a sizing kit right away. You try on the blanks and message us your sizes and Jodiann gets to work! 



What nail glue do you recommend?

We include KDS Nail Glue with every order. We love this stuff! Buy Extra Here


How long do the nails stay on?

That depends mostly on you.

We make it easy to apply. Follow our instructions for a good fit and secure application. They come in the box and are viewable online. Cleaning and Prepping your nails well is a great start!  How you wear your nails also factors in. 

  • Wearing gloves when cleaning, gardening and other hobbies.
  • Avoiding the nibbles and picks. 
  • Air Dry Nails completely before working with your hands after a shower or dishes. 
  • Use Cuticle Balm frequently. 
  • Use KDS Nail Glue ( comes in your nail box) 

Glued On Nails can last up to 3 weeks.

  • Most people enjoy 10-14 days.
  • Hard Users 3-7 days.  


My nails pop off sometimes. What's different about your nails? 

We don't know what happened with the nails you had before, but ours are definitely different. We make it easy to follow our instructions. They come in the box and are viewable online.

  • Clean Nails
  • Well Prepped
  • Last Longer
  • It's A Fact! 

Good Fit Is Key. If your nails are too big ( touching any skin around the nail) or too small ( exposed natural nail, even a tiny bit) nail glue will not adhere well. Your nails will lift. When you bump them they will fly off. Or worse rip or tear your natural nail. 


Are BEPO nails reusable?

Yes! Follow our Hot Water Soak Off Method for clean undamaged natural nails and beautiful reusable BEPO Nails. 

Purchasing an inexpensive electric nail file and gently buff away any built up glue on the back of the nails gives you many more wears. Check out our Pink Quartz Tool  in our Prep Kit for a manual option to e-files.  

What if I lose a nail? 

We make replacements. Send BEPO a photo of your set, the size of your missing nail and we will invoice you.  We will fix you up. 


What if the nails I purchased don't fit?

  • If it's a custom order and we sent you a size you did not order. That's on us. We make it right. Send the set back to us and we will refund or remake. 
  • If the mistake is the size nail you ordered. Replacements are purchased by you and we do our best to help you get the right replacement size re-ordered.  Message Jodiann


Are the nails strong?

 If you mean "stiff"  then no. Some may want that. If this is you, let us know. We can make stiff nails for you. Contact Us. 

Others want a more flexible nail to give instead causing you pain when  you lose your grip and slam a nail. Let us know if you want flexible nails, we will make your nails on " Pure Gel Blanks" Which are more flexible and use products that will keep them that way.  Ask Us.

Our favorite nail blanks are ABS plastic. They are the strong and lightweight  

We are picky about our tips. Low quality nail blanks are hard to work with. So if we don't like them, you won't either. We recycle poor quality nail blanks when we get them in. We never use them. .  


Do you offer custom designs?

Yes Absolutely! We Love Nail Dreamers!  Place A Nail Commission Work Deposit. 

Keep in mind there are design commissions we do not accept. 

  • No Violence. No Gore. No Blood. No Horror.
  • We Do Not Do ANY Holiday, Birthday, or Occult themes.
  • No Depictions of law bending or law breaking themes.
  • No Registered Trademarks / Brand Logos. This Especially Means...
    1. No Cartoon Characters. 
    2. No Sport Team Mascots or Logos.
    3. No Fashion Brands Names or Logos.


Can I send you a nail photo to copy? 

Yes, We can do something similar to your inspiration photo. Send it here. Nails from us will not be exact to the photo and are priced higher than from the original nail artist. 


  • Exact copies are expensive. We have thousands of nail products but there are millions. If we have to purchase items it could get pricey for you.     
  •  Re-creation work simply takes longer. So it cost more. 
  • What you see in a beautiful photo is often a salon built nail, that look may only be achievable built on an actual fingernail, let me ( jodiann) take a look at your photos and give you options.   


Can I make changes to a BEPO design?

Absolutely! Any Made To Order Set can be adjusted. Contact Us. 

Color Change - free

Shape Change - free

Shortening and Shaping - extra fee

Additions of Nail Art, Gems, Accent Nails, etc. - extra fee

Some changes cost nothing extra, but pricing on shortening and shaping, additions of nail art or accent nails vary by time and products needed.   



What comes with my nails?

  •  A sturdy nail box
  • Written application instructions + links for Apply. Remove. Reuse. Videos.
  • KDS Brand professional nail glue





How long will it take to ship my order?

Orders are in house 5-10 days for custom work. If it will be longer you will hear from us.  

Shipping Times Depend on Carrier.

How fast you receive your order once we have shipped it out depends on the shipping fee you pay at checkout.


First Class: 3-5 Business Days.

Priority 1-3 Business Days.

Priority Express: 1 Business Day. 

These delivery speeds vary by season. 

Contact Us with your address for International Delivery Speeds. 


 Do you offer Rush Orders? 

We can put you at the front of the line in the workshop for a fee. Your delivery speed is up to your carrier and the shipping method you choose. Combining a RUSH order with us and purchasing EXPEDITED delivery with your chosen carrier is the fastest method. Rush my Order

We cannot control speed of delivery only speed of creation.  




Where's My Package? 


  • If your order was marked as “delivered” by USPS and it’s missing; call your local postmaster first. Have your tracking number ready. In many cases GPS tracking can locate an errant delivery, determine where it was actually delivered.
  • Remember, post office personnel are required to retrieve your package and get it to you. 
  • Even if it's just one street over from you. Let them do it. 
  • You may also file a claim directly with USPS at
  • http://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm
  • Please let us know you are having a delivery problem. We can't speed things up, but we can be ready when contacted by USPS to give what info we have. 


Do you accept cancellations, returns or exchanges?

First off, If we mess up. We make it right. 


  • We gladly accept cancellations within 24 hours of purchase.
  • After the 24 hours ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • Adding a RUSH Order fee within 24 hours of original order is acceptable & applies to entire order. After 24 hours, Message Jodiann to see if she can meet your deadline. 


We honor our work. We do return / exchanges for work not as promised, mistakes we make based on our imperfections or lack of attention to detail.  

Bepo Nails absolutely does not accept returns or exchanges on items WORN, FILED, GLUED, CUT, CRUSHED, or OVER-PAINTED. If you do these actions you are responsible for the outcome. In short, you get to keep them. 

Bepo Nails does not accept returns or exchanges of Whole Custom Sets or Parts of Custom Sets. These are made to your specific requirements under your instruction. 

Bepo Nails does not accept returns or exchanges based on sizing issues.  

  • If you measured your nails incorrectly.
  • Did not use the sizing kit properly. 
  • Chose to use a sizing kit we did not provide.
  • Chose to guess or left the decision to chance. 
How To Apply For A Return. 
Step 1. 
  1. Top Down Photo. Show hand with nails on or just nails if not applied yet. 
  2. Side View Photo. Show side of finger(s) or side of nail if not applied yet. 
  3. Down The Barrel Photo. Show finger pointed at the camera so we can see the top of the nail and your finger underneath. If the nail is not on a finger,  pinch nail in fingers to hold it so that the camera can see down the nail front. 
  4. Underside Photo. Show the underside of nail close up so we can see anything on the underside of the nail. 

Choosing not to send photos, inability to send photos, no longer having the product to take photos off, ends the return process. We need to see the problem to help. 


Step 2.

Tell us what the problem is.

Explaining what happened and what your needs are helps us decide what to do.

We decide on a case by case basis if we will offer a complete refund, partial refund, exchange or any combination of  these. Or none at all. Each case will be different. We promise to be quick about it, make it a priority and not leave you without answers. We will always be kind. 


Start A Return