How To Order


Simple guide on how to order, what to order.

 Hi! Jodiann here, I will be making your orders! I have help with shipping and other bits and pieces but I do all the nail work and have glitter in all the places you'd imagine!  Let's jump in...

1. Decide 20 set or 10 set? Or Custom Work?

  • 20 sets are single colors, glitters, shimmers on all nails.  These are simple design staples and all nails in the set are the same. They are made to order take about 3-5 days (depending on the season) to ship. Shipping is free. Priority Upgrade on 3 or more sets. 2 of each size 0-9. Wear the 10 that fit you best.


  • 10 sets are ombre, french, gems, handpainted, stamped, foiled.  Here's where things get fancy! Deluxe to elaborate nail designs are done in only 10 pieces. They are made to order take about 5-7 days (depending on the season) to ship. If you are new to us or new to 10 sets, we ship a Sizing Kit when you checkout. You try on the actual nail blanks we use, message us with your sizes and your order is started. We keep your numbers on file.

2. Now Pick a Design.

  • Pick a Design to Jump to a product page.
  • From The product page Choose a Shape from drop down menu.
  • Repeat for multiple sets. Shipping is free. Priority Upgrade 3 or more sets.

3. Checkout. 

  • Your checkout email address should be one you read.
  • One we can talk about your nails on. 

We don't spam, have a newsletter, or share emails or anything else like that. Its just for me to talk to you with.

I may invite you to a one on one Zoom Session to talk about your nail dreams. Weee! It's fun! So make sure I can get you. 

If you don't do email, no worries. Maybe you do Instagram?


 Before I go, a note about Custom Work Commissions. Love it! Welcome it! Here is a link to tell you more. 



 Happy Nails,