get started


simple guide on how to order, what to order, what to measure, and how to get out of measuring.



how to order

  • first, find what you looking for...  by design or color.
  • choose a shape from drop down menu.
  • oops, you wanted a long nail shape? Go here. 
  • enjoy free shipping on 1 set, free upgraded shipping when you buy 3 sets.

what to order if you are new

what to measure

  • if you don't know your sizes, you can measure your nails. here's how

how to get out of measuring

  • buy a 20 piece single color set, wear the 10 that fit you best. 
  • note the numbers on the underside of the 10 that fit. 
  • those are your sizes for that shape. 
  • send us a photo of your shape and 10 sizes.
  • note left and right hand if they are different, they often are.
  • we keep your numbers per shape on file.