Get The Right Fit

Jodiann, Do I have to measure? 

Nope. You can order a 20 set in a single color set. You will find 2 of each size 0-9  will be delivered. . Just wear the 10 that fit you best. 

Use Your 20 Set to Get Your Sizes. 

Each nail has a number under the tip. Write down your sizes, snap a picture, and email it to us to order a 10 set. DM sizes via instagram

Order A Sizing Kit.

Sizing Sample Pack to try on the actual nail shapes you want. This is the most accurate way to get your sizes.

 What if I want to measure? 

Watch this video. (it takes a minute to load)

 Email Your Sizes      DM Your Sizes

Helpful Graphics

Don't see yourself in any of these Preset Sizes? No worries. Send the numbers you have and I'll get started. 

Email your Sizes  DM Your Sizes

Great Job! You did it! Yay!