Return / Refund Policy

Bepo Nails absolutely does not accept returns or exchanges on items WORN, FILED, GLUED, CUT, CRUSHED, or OVER-PAINTED. If you do these actions you are responsible for the outcome. 
Bepo Nails does not accept returns or exchanges of  Whole Custom Sets or Parts of Custom Sets. These are made to your specific requirements under your instruction.  
BEPO does not accept returns or exchanges based on sizing issues. 
  • If you measured your nails incorrectly.
  • Did not follow instructions in sizing kit we provide.
  • Chose to use a sizing kit we did not provide.
  • Chose not to measure and left the decision to chance. 
We HONOR our work. We DO returns / exchanges for work not as promised, mistakes we make based on our imperfections or lack of attention to detail. 
Step 1  Send us Photos. 
  1. Top Down Photo. Show hand with nails on or just nails if not applied yet. 
  2. Side View Photo. Show side of finger(s) or side of nail if not applied yet. 
  3. Down The Barrel Photo. Show finger pointed at the camera so we can see the top of the nail and your finger underneath. If the nail is not on a finger,  pinch nail in fingers to hold it so that the camera can see down the nail front. 
  4. Underside Photo. Show the underside of nail close up so we can see anything on the underside of the nail. 
 Choosing not to send pictures, Not being able to send pictures, No longer having the product to take pictures. Ends the return / exchange process. We have to see what the problem is to help you. 
Step 2  Tell us what the problem is.
We decide on a case by case basis if we will offer a complete refund, partial refund, exchange or any combination of  these. Or none at all. Each case will be different. We promise to be quick about it, make it a priority and not leave you without answers. We will always be kind.